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F-uck your mom

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Beach party @ wavehouse Sentosa!

No age limit and alcohol is available!

Contact me for guestlisting & tickets reservation.

Not to worry about queueing up whole night,

cause this place is HUGE & can hold more than 2000 pax !

Looking for ticket distributor, high rebate ;D

I invite you to drink all day and party all night !

28 Nov , 4pm ~ 7am.

Dont hesitate anymore, private message me ladies !


ah um si le eh tai ji, le mai huan lo an neh zuay.

yi si lok kuey ah si simi, ma bo le ai tai ji.

mai huan lo . _l_


13th - When drinking with sis & bro at nearest coffee shop, when to pool. 12 Rounds lost 5, but i still won ;D After pool, cabbed back home, when to 7 eleven t buy drinks again, went up t the nearest carpark t drink and star gazing. That night was god damn cold. I was shivering like hell. Bro lend me his top, but got 2 motives, 1st, ask me t stop kpkb about th coldness, 2nd prevent me from the weather :) thanks bro for being so sweet :D & If you love her, woo her back :D You've my absolute support :D But if you patch with her, give her the fullest love and care you ever gave to anyone :) Cherish her alright. Without realising, we stay there till th next morning. Went for breakfast together and head home to sleep :) Sis, dont cry anymore. You have me here by your side :D I'll always be there for you. & JLMH , i've heard about your rumours, but whether it's true or not. I still love you alot. Contact me soon, meet me up soon. I've got tons to tell you D: I FUUCKING MISS YOU LIM. ;D Rmbr this december we're putting our identical tattoo, so save money & stop going out with that girl, biatch. I miss you girl :)

Currently- Im freezing to death, happy belated birthday yixin hubby :D Sorry i wasnt able to celebrate it with you or meet you up. I miss you guy alot. I feel that im starting to change, getting pissed off over small matters. Disappointing my love ones. Enough of those already :l Just making me shag. Night life over for now, miss th event on 16. Will attend the next one i suppose. Yasmine sister, i've read your msg. Although i couldnt reply. I hadnt seen you for quite some time, i miss you too. I'll go home soon, i suppose. I'll meet up with you. I promise this year i'll go 1 event with you alright :D I know those who're disappointed in me already gave up hope on me, sorry. But for those who dont know the situation, anyhow jump to conclusions, just see. I'll tolerate, just wait till i cant, idc you angkong siao or how many years older than me. Once you've cross the limits, i'll let your pain be my laughter :) I'LL JUST TOLERATE FOR NOW. I shall, & when i cant tolerate any longer, run like a dog. & recently, early in th morning 6am. Bro tell me got people spreading rumours on blog about him and his girlf. Mr 12 years old boy, i know you paikia. I know you very eh sai, can punch people then bo taiji. You want spread whos rumours go ahead, dont spread about Deborah's friend. You got play shirt or never i dont care, your network big? Where ? Jurong ? Boonlay ? Amk ? Hougang ? Geylang ? Bugis ? Aljunied ? Kovan ? Pasir Ris ? Bedok ? Sengkang ? Sembawang ? Clementi ? Orchard ?

  • You have 1 day to remove the post. Dont provoke me.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      - With my mother fking {♥} ;



Sibeh shag.

I dont know whats wrong with me this few days. I seriously get angry easily. I dont know what else t say, sorry t those how had t put up with my attitude. I love you guys :) Thanks for standing by me and your care and concerns. I dont know why i get fed up even for the smallest thing, i think i need some quiet time. I'm vexed about simply everything happening in my life now. Same in rl and cyber. I dont know how long can i continue all this shit, i just want some peace. I really very tired. Thanks mom for new phone :) Getting a laptop soon. Dont know which laptop is better, anyone knows? CuTe-EmO, if you happen to see my blog, i wanna tell you this. '' Fuck you hard hard manszxc ''. I dont think it's funny, learn some manners. Didnt your mom or dad teach you any? & to those who spread lj rumours about me being a hongster in audi, get the facts right. Plus i dont know you, im fucking sure you dont know me. You have no fucking rights to judge me. If you dont like me or what, just ignore me or what. Dont need to malign me. If you're unhappy with me, meet up. Dont need say so much. Idc whether you have who as your back up, how big fuck are you. _l_

Fucking tulan now. Damn. Get a hold of yourself girl. Be strong. God bless me.


Fucking angry.

Sis, im sorry i didnt contact you recently.. Its my fault that SHE misled you to the wrong path. I dont want you t continue hanging out with her ._. I heard many stuff from qiang liao. About whats happening to you when you started hanging out with her. You're much better with me LAH. Chloe, if you treat judith as your sister. Dont harm her. You're unhappy with what i say, look for me. I dont want Judith t turn bad t worse. She's my sworn sister, i've every rights t protect her. & I love her. I will never let anything happen t her. You should know what temper i have other than being soft hearted. I care about both of you. I just dont want both of you t do any wrong things. I love you JLMH;D.


Yesterday night met up with BUTTERx sis. Head to Safra to audi and lagged -.- Around 1.30 i left safra & went for supper. Reached home around 2.30am or so. Bathed & conference with Guniang Jun & my NINLAOBU. Crap alot, and damn sleepy. Woke up this morning, went t amk. I was fucking tired & i missed amk stop ._. Smoked & cabbed t his house. Now im fucking bored. Going t audi. Free 1 :D Loves.


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